Crafticant by Charlotte Z. Fernandez

All down the steps; and, as we enter'd, lo!

The strangest sight — the most unlook'd-for chance—

All things turn'd topsy-turvy in a devil's dance.
-from The Cap and Bells; or, the Jealousies, a Faery Tale, an unfinished work by John Keats

The character of the Crafticant in Keats' The Jealousies is enveloped in a sort of mimicry of beauty, wrapped in elegance but absent of meaning.

I have come to find myself accosted with this character, beautiful yet meaningless, and at a loss for significance and depth in my commercial work.
The formulaic nature in commercial art may very well lack nobility, but it introduced me to the influence of illusion.

The works here can be illusive like the Crafticant.
His falsehood - more so the discovery of it - breeds my art with a newfound premise: we can only amplify beauty, not create it.